80 Years of the Ben Franklin Bridge


In case you haven’t noticed, its been 80 years since Philadelphians had to take a slow boat to Camden.  Yes, the joint Paul Cret-Ralph Modjeski span is celebrating an important birthday this year.  Tell the Ben Franklin Bridge (nee Delaware River Bridge) how much its existence means to you when you cross it (on foot) to get to Farm Aid.  

Just in case you’ve wondered where your 3 bills go: the DRPA has set up a nice retrospective on the Bridge’s construction.  Be sure to turn up your volume to hear the audio commentary.  

One thought on “80 Years of the Ben Franklin Bridge

  1. Chris –

    What a fantastic Website. Noticed your BFB posting – it reminded me of walking across it in 1978! It was very late and I was thumbing it home from school.

    Used to wait for uncle Kevin each evening on the NJ side for a ride home. I went to Rutgers in Camden and he worked for IBM in Cherry Hill; we commutted from Wayne each day.

    It was only 52 years old then. . .

    Greatest memory was waiting for my ride – (6 girls in a station wagon) to take me to Mardi Gras! Aunt Marci lived in New Orleans and I was excited to set off for a wonderful roadtrip.

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