More Viewshed Restoration on Schuylkill Banks


As I mentioned in an earlier post, Fairmount Park woodsmen are not sparing trees on the bank just south of the Art Museum near the eastern approach of the Spring Garden Bridge. 


Don’t be alarmed: the controlled thinning will allow greater visibility of the Cira Center heading south along the path.  Perhaps more important to the Park Commission is the greater visibility of the Art Museum as one heads north.  Greater visibility of cultural features fosters serial experiences and greater user connectivity to the site as a whole.


2 thoughts on “More Viewshed Restoration on Schuylkill Banks

  1. Finally, I will be able to gaze out on my beloved museum from the windows of precious Lemon Hill. Here’s hoping the youngsters walking the dog on the East River Drive will spy me gazing down upon them from my lofty perch. It’s about time, Eli Kirk and your Fairmount Park Commission! Gazebo!!!

  2. Though ‘viewshed restoration’ is certainly a mouthful, we are staring similar work at Chamounix Mansion in Fairmount Park. Very slowly, and on absolutely zero budget, the staff at Chamounix with help from various volunteer groups sent our way by Greater Philadelphia Cares has started to clear the fence line and remove invasive species. Next, we’re mapping in situ indigenous species and clearing them a little growing space. Then, we will start to remove young, tall growth that blocks the view, while planting the hillside between us and the Schuylkill Expressway with LOTS of low rise conifers and bushes. This is to dampen the sound from the 76. Chamounix Mansion is, after all, an international hostel, and consciously crafting a little quiet is very much a good thing.

    Nothing old growth will be removed. No mature specimen trees will be removed.

    Anyone curious about Chamounix Mansion is always welcome to stop by and tour the place. It’s great!

    Todd Kimmell, Innkeeper

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