Library of the Future

Sources close to libraries tell me that this isn’t library theft. Nevertheless I hope that I haven’t deprived Paley’s information system of an integral piece of data.



7 thoughts on “Library of the Future

  1. I wish my girlfriend and my mom would comment on my blog entries…

    Since there’s no general forum for comments or requests relating to nothing specific, I’ll post here: Could you throw together an expose on Philadelphia’s architectural disasters? A compendium of horrific sights might learn us a thing or two about why the really sweet stuff that you record looks that way.

  2. This is really an interesting design, although not altogether an new one… It reminds me of my old library at Texas Tech, which was initially designed to look like a shelf of books, but which everyone simply referred to as “the radiator building”.

  3. Although the design of Paley library is quite nice, I believe the “future” which Chris is referring to has something to do with the punch card….

    (ahh the days when library users knew what a cutter number was…)

  4. I actually wasn’t really referring to the modernism of the design. It just made me think of the Tech library, whose resemblance to a radiator always made me laugh.

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