Cedar Hill Cemetery (Part II): powerful orisas at the crossroads



At the crossroads stands the orisa Esu-Elegua, the trickster who mediates between God and man.  Always with a voracious appetite, always impish, sometimes irrational, he must be sated first before communing with the orisa Oya.  He favors coconuts, palm oil, rum or gin, cigars, smoked fish, bitter kola nut, yams, honey or any other sweets.  Oya  assists the transition from life to death.  A cunning warrior and guardian of the cemetery, she has ultimate authority to withhold the last breath.  Though loyal to her children, she can wreak great vengeance upon the dishonorable with powerful winds, hurricanes, tornadoes.   To supplicate her, offer female goat, eggplant, cooked corn meal, grape wine, grapes, gin, rum, kola nuts, plantains, palm oil, rooster, black beans with rice, anything spicy, fruit, okra soup, fish, cornstarch porridge, and akara.




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