A Place to Live (1948)






3 thoughts on “A Place to Live (1948)

  1. Intriguing…Will you fill in the blanks? Was a neighborhood demolished to build the original Allen Homes and then the Allen Homes themselves torn down recently under a revitalization project?

  2. I just picked up a book from the Rio Grande Public Library System, where I live, near Albuquerque, NM.
    It touches on the influence that Robert Moses had on Philadelphia’s own Edmund Bacon, the decimated remains of Southeastern Philadelphia, near the airport, had on the infrastructure of the City. I was recently there in November, 2009, and nothing has changed in 50 years!
    The book is “Wrestling With Moses”, by Anthony Flint. ISBN (paper) #978-1-4000-6674-2.
    As a boy on a bicycle, with a dog tagging behind, I went on exploratory journeys into territory that adults would caution. I remember this area as one bulldozed to eliminate the “underclass”. And then never “revitalized”. I actually spoke to old-timers who remembered the vibrancy of the neighborhood. I may have been precocious at fifteen. I remember that. Single buildings standing divorced of surrounding relationships. Streetcar tracks not even bothered to rip up.
    Well, there are advertisements on the Sunday “Talking Heads” that extol “The Human Factor”, however we should understand that Industry Interest is usually self-serving.

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