Erie Avenue and Pink Elephants

I caught a replay of American Routes’s Philly show while rolling down Erie Avenue this Saturday.  The Philly-born jazz duo Eddie Lang and Joey Venuto’s 1927 recording of “Pink Elephants” became the appropriate soundtrack to my tour down an enduring landscape of the Roaring 1920s.   The residential, commercial and industrial development patterns along Erie were a product of that bubbly time of easy money: for investments into new broad factories and thousands of quickly built rowhomes.  The street that may have once bounded with the jaunty strains of “Pink Elephants” still hums with a new vitality.

3 thoughts on “Erie Avenue and Pink Elephants

  1. From what I understand from my mother, as we drove around West Philadelphia in the 1960’s, my grandfather named Fallon on her side, built quite a few row-houses there. I have been in a couple that have 12 foot ceilings, at least in the front. She would point them out.

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