Emancipation Proclamation for Schuylkill Banks

CSX has agreed to allow the construction of two at-grade crossings at Race and Locust Sts. and to fund the construction of a pedestrian bridge connecting the two Schuylkill River parks below Locust St. On the olfactory front, the railroad company has agreed to divert its famous trash-trains to other lines. Keep on agreein’.

Read about the tentative agreement here.

4 thoughts on “Emancipation Proclamation for Schuylkill Banks

  1. Want to thank the Secretary of the Treasury for weighing in on a bit of Philadelphia news. It’s that human touch that characterizes this Administration.

  2. You may want to examine my resume a bit closer. Everytime you spend money made during the last few years–you are also spending money with the name of CSX’s CEO and Chairman from 1989 to 2003, when I was named to my current post. 2003 is also the year that CSX Lines was sold to the Carlyle Group–which you may have heard of. Therefore, I say, keep on spendin’, keep on mergin’ and acquistionin’, and keep on intentionally forgettin’ about places like poor ol’ Philadelphia, PA. Heh heh heh.

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