Artlantic City?

[CHANGING? ROBERT BARRY’S ILLUMINATED TEXTUAL PIECES] Above is an element of “Wonder”, an outdoor art installation part of Atlantic City’s Artlantic—a massive project to distribute $12 million in public art throughout the beleaguered city over the next five years. Located at Pacific and Indiana on the seven acre lot formerly occupied by the Traymore Hotel and the […]

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“Recovering together” naturally: the case for natural flood protection in South Jersey’s coastal zones

[LOOKING ACROSS JETTY AND ABSECON INLET AT ATLANTIC CITY] Over at Design Observer, the preeminent geographer of New Orleans, Richard Campanella makes a strong plea for a balancing of the nation’s “sediment budget”, an inequality that some of our Jersey shore communities feel most acutely in the wake of Sandy.  As Campanella has pointed out, […]

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Sounds for the New Royality

The Royal Theater 1524 South St. Peregrine Arts began its much heralded Hidden City program last night, kicking open the doors of the long shuttered Royal Theater at 1524 South Street for the first audience the space has seen in nearly 39 years. Composer Todd Reynolds studied the people, places and history of the old […]

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Movement on the Reading Viaduct

[PERHAPS?, APRIL 2009] It’s clear people are still thinking about the Reading Viaduct. Though a kind of vestigial organ of a vanished transportational body, the Viaduct is becoming to the neighborhoods it oversees. Artists are beginning to climb into its musty folds and call it their own and far from being a haunting piece of […]

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Point Breeze, 1935

[POINT BREEZE, 1935] Much of the tidal Schuylkill is scarred by the the remains of an overbuilt petroleum distribution system whose scale is evidenced by the above photograph from National Geographic in 1935.  Perhaps ‘scarred’ isn’t the apt verb to describe the subterrenean impact of this petroleum drosscape: much of the damage affects soil and […]

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